Not your average provider. I see every day as an adventure. I do my very best to tailor each encounter to suit your individual needs. Most importantly, I want to have fun! I am here for you if you are in need of an understanding confidante or a muse to inspire and intrigue your passions. What are you waiting for After a long hard week, you deserve it! I take pride in my professionalism and have an affinity with being prompt and reliable. I can definitely let my hair down.

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A stolen glance at the bar, the feel of fingertips grazing my lower back, whispered intimacies exchanged between you and I, champagne bubbles effervescing on your tongueall of these are sensations I find myself anticipating before a first encounter I live for excitement and the thrill of the new, yet treasure the familiarity that builds between two people with a shared connection. Perhaps you too long for someone with whom you can be yourself around, someone who makes you feel at ease while prompting a sense of excitement. Perhaps that person is me Originally from somewhere along the East Coast, Atlanta has been my home base for the past year. Having worked as a portrait studio photographer prior to my life as Bella, I am easy to talk to and relaxing to be around, with a neverending thirst for knowledge, be it of the kind learned in universities or gained through lived experience. My classroom is the excitement of the city Be it at the Mercedes Benz Stadium or a night at The Fox Buckhead sanctuaries or East Atlanta Village cocktail haunts. My smalltown roots keep me grounded and motivate me to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, pampering my allnatural body. I prefer spending time with gentlemen looking for a genuine connection. To quote William James, We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep SCREENING IS MANDATORY Forms of payment accepted Cash PREFERABLY Cashapp Venmo Zelle PayPal Apple Pay Google Pay 20 DEPOSITS ARE MANDATORY FOR OUTCALLS THAT ARE 30 Mins AWAY Hosting in Upscale Location in Buckhead Atlanta TRAVEL STATEWIDE Party Friendly

There are certain places where reality is a bit altered: in movie theaters, in empty parking lots after dusk, in highways, in hotels with the curtains drawn. I often hear sentiments expressed to the effect that the world would be better off if people stopped to smell the roses. Outside, running children spit a new layer onto the gum-speckled ground. Men hustle cassette tapes, boom boxespaperbacks, DVDs, all displayed on a towel, a memorial of things we used to cherish. I AM THE GIRL who passed you so swiftly on the street, fresh and sweet as a lily of the valley. The girl you saw vividly later in your dreams, with magic dust at every strand of her hair, plush lips, and dimpled cheeks. When you awoke, you would have done anything to see her again, to drink up those warm irises like jasmine tea, to trace the veins in her wrist delicate as honeycombs, the expanse of her back a monument. She is a natural wonder. She is an entire universe in a body. You would move mountains for her. Here, another chance: I am real. I love peeling clementines and watching dusty sunsets. I always keep a manicure. I have a great laugh. As a child, I kept my mothers jade necklace in the pocket of my mandarin collared dress. I was born in a village on the other side of the world and raised in a city in the east. When I meet someone, I look first at their hands, then their eyes. Some people tell me Im the most interesting person theyve ever met, yet it feels like they never knew me at all. Ill make my way back to you as we reach the peak of the same mountain. Above us, the cloudless sky seems endless. Its a miracle were here. All we need for a good time is bubbly, lingerie, and a suspension of disbelief. Lets get dressed in our best silks and manipulate time, darling.

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