Looking for somebody special What kind of women are you naturally drawn to Im currently 5 months pregnant, and am feeling great and looking fantastic!Hope you like the sensuality of a healthy and fertile woman as much as I do, hope to how you all kinda of fun! Dear Friend and Suitor, Its nice to be talking to you. Please allow me to introduce myself Im Victoria Peche, a delightful young lady looking to make your acquaintance. A little bit about me Im of Russian French origin I lived in both those countries and absorbed the rich culture and delicious cuisines. That made me an appreciator of all things fine in life. After years of tedious formal education modest life, but the fantasies I created in my head were not that modest,I became a proud corporate worker. Ive never seen so many men in suits in my life, and puttogether corporate men was the only thing I liked about my job. Then I decided to pursue my sports career, and I was in fact a proathlete in my childhood. I was a trainer, a magazine model, and an achieved contestant of bikini completions. I stood tall on stage, holding my trophy, at 10 body fat, and all I could think about was icecream and steak. The money of the corporate career and the excitement of modelling I felt that something was missing. The sense of being fulfilled, complete, and making somebody very happy. I realized my love languages were not fame and fortune or acts or recognition. They were touch, freedom of expression, playfulness, and being useful. And I understood that there is one thing I can do and be the best at Is to be a companion to a man of a fine taste, class, and intelligence! Im longing for your company, and you are for mine. The activities well be doing together are a vehicle to the excellent experience created, and the essence is my engaging attitude. I love reading what makes you tick and enhancing the scene its about giving validation to your nature in a safe and open environment. In essence, my companionship has much more to do with meeting of minds and hearts, as Im both super empathic and intelligent while being totally real. Cheers to the deepest and most exciting journey for both of us! At a Glance 28 Years Old Youthful appearance, but mature enough if necessary. Blond/Blue eyes Though I sometimes feel like a brunette and have an easy fix. 5.6ft and 125 lb. Narrow frame with an athletic build due to the sports past. High energy level comes as a bonus. French/Russian Ethnicity Conversational French, fluent Russian. Tried wine way too early and am now a very light drinker. Masters degree Just throwing that in there, doesnt hurt. Or maybe you like em smart. Looks Elegant classy. Would design a Little Black Dress but Coco Chanel did it first. Very natural looking, and am one of those lucky women who doesnt require an emergency makeup kit in the morning. If youve enjoyed my brief intro, move on to the visual stimuli or peruse engagement options. I look forward to making your acquaintance! Im located in downtown San Jose, and will be happy to host you, with the notice. I also travel to San Fransisco to visit youmy pleasure!

You love beautiful women, and who doesn’t? Openly seductive Pamela Anderson, discretely alluring Sharon Stone or the energetically daring Anna Kurnikova type: you love them all! But most of all, you’re drawn to women with natural beauty, feminine, and real; the ones who in our role-blurring age, aren’t afraid of showing the best of their enticing Women world. Poems have been versed; songs shouted out, Hollywood movies succeeded and failed: but women’s land is still uncovered and alive…. My resume won’t be two pages long, but is nonetheless extensive: I come from the corporate world, and could be your next Marissa Mayers (with a proper push), a trophy wife (still working on it) or Olympics winner (well, maybe in the next Olympic life). The next chapter of my life, a Modern Woman, I've devoted to the seemingly simply but self-fulfilling purpose: To Please a Man Pleasure is subjective, so I'll leave it in your hands to decide what that means for you. However, I am very well-versed and enjoy the process of fulfilling the desires of those I choose to spend time with. I like to discover what makes you tick. I want to know your fantasies and help you bring them into life. I’m creative and passionate, romantic and sensual, submissive and dominant. As a true woman, I’m versatile; all with the goal to stimulate your senses and bring you pleasure. I’m a little bit selfish: your pleasure brings me mine. I’m like that fine-chocolate lover: once they open the box, they’ll be savoring every bite, and won’t stop… xoxo, Victoria Peche Here is to chocolate, lovers, and pleasures, my Friend in Pleasure.

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