Hello gentlemen, Thank you for stopping by to check out my pics and staying to learn a little about me Im spunky, sassy and an over the top enjoyable good time! I like to connect with you on multiple levels while we enjoy our time together. You will forget all your troubles once you gaze into my eyes and are mesmerized by my devilish charm and flirtatious smile. Conversation and connection are important to begin any interlude and I am a perfectionist at both. If you are missing that certain WOW factor in your relationship, I am what you have been looking for Screening is a must for any high end companion so please head over to my websit4e and fill out my contatc form! Once you are screened we can chat about our plans in more detail via email or phone call. Please stay in touch and be prompt with your communications just as I will be with you. Kisses and love Cesselie

Amy Taylor brings to life all the treasures of the perfect girlfriend, without the hassles of a traditional relationship. Shes whipsmart and wickedly sexy yet there is a palpable immediate sense of her class, exclusivity and discretion, giving you the freedom to explore, relax, decompress and enjoy with yourself and with your desires. Her sense of humor and generosity of spirit will change your perspective and your priorities, creating a sense of exhilaration and joy that allows you to leave your daytoday worries behind. With Amy you can live the fantasy, feel the romance, build a longterm friendship and perhaps chase a dream you forgot you ever had. Amy, meaning beloved in Latin, is an expression of what she offers and seeks. Shes one of the worlds most limited, yet soughtafter companions, calling home Los Angeles but being found wherever her small circle of friends chooses to meet. The inimitable integration of a keen intellect, published model physical beauty, and quality upbringing has made Amy the first choice for those who want to ignite imagination, experiencing the truly extraodinary. Its the unique balance between the energizing and the relaxing that she loves to share with youfor the love of romance and exploration. Amy is all about the experience. From front row during the Anvil Chorus to feeding sharks in Tiputa Pass, from the paddock in Monza to being dropped off in the Monashees for some fresh tracks, from meeting our ride at Signature to landing at Atlantic, from blinis and Bellinis to the crack of the mallet in Palermo if her type of luxurious companionship is fit for the king and/or queen that you feel you are, Amy may just be your new beloved. Some particulars graduate degree top schools MENSA member commercial pilot published Playboy, Maxim and FHM cover model Hungarian/Italian/Welsh ethnicity, American birth hobbies SCUBA, snow skiing, golf, tennis, aviation, marksmanship, culinary arts, piano bilingual EnglishFrench

Currently based in Kalamazoo, MI 3.263.27 Indy 3.314.1 Sarasota, FL 4.14.4 Im exploring different towns in Florida to decide where I am moving to the locations have not yet been confirmed. Im waiting for dates to book before I make the plans concrete. x Cities included, but not limited to Orlando/Kissimmee, Tampa, Boca Raton, Ft. Lauderdale, Naples, Ft. Myers. 4.84.9 Raleigh w/ Felicity Harte 4.234.24 NYC 5.45.5 LA w/ Mia Ryder 5.55.6 Dallas 5.65.7 San Diego 5.125.13 Las Vegas w/ Mia Ryder 5.225.23 King of Prussia, PA 5.295.30 Omaha 6.186.19 Chicago River North July theres a point Ill be out of the country again without wifi x

Hello, gentlemen. My name is Elisabeth. I am a former photo and lingerie model, who presented various lingerie collections in a number of leading fashion magazines. Im a sophisticated and smart woman and a great companion. My individuality, charismatic and sharp witted personality are a perfect match to my beauty and glamorous looks. With me you have a total package Age 25 Hair Blond Eyes Blue Weight 120 Height 59 Chest 34DD

I was raised to be proper woman. How to hold my hands elegantly, sit properly, maintain a simpering smile in the face of adversity. How to behave. But of course I ached towards being so very bad The beauty of being able to perform the image of the well behaved lady is that no one suspects what youre really up to. Perhaps youve felt the same pressure too. Wouldnt it feel so good to give in There are certain things we arent supposed to talk about, but Im a student of Foucault. Lets talk about power and control. If youd like, I can be your guide in letting go, in absolute rapturous delight, of all that society tells us we must do. How to let yourself be utterly vulnerable and held there. We all need a little sweetness in our lives. I have been quite lucky to be lavishly spoiled in this life. For me, its all about the small details a subtle citrus scent in hand towels before dinner, french seams on a light summer dress. Things which many might not notice, but which bring elevate an experience to carefully calibrated perfection. My interests are endlessly vast and ever expanding. Im more than happy to hear about whatever has been rolling around in your head. Ive held jobs both as a fashion designer in NYC and a programmer out in the Bay Area. Im equally content at a gala in heels as I am covered in muck on a fishing expedition. To say Im hungry to experience life might be an understatement. Many of your questions about me can be answered on my website. You can find my schedule, etiquette guide and engagement information as well as many galleries of photographs and videos. I receive an enthusiastic amount of email and Im extremely selective about whom I see, so clear communication and screening up front is a must. Send me a little note via my contact page or directly to my email if you earn my favor, well be plotting together in no time.I travel internationally constantly, so feel free to be in touch even if youre not sure were in the same place right now!

Im Layla Hayek, One of New York Citys toprated Elite Companions. A hidden escape for those who find me. By day I am a Boardroom Controller. By night you will find me frolicking on the arms of Elegant International Business Men. They will agree that I am crazy, but so were the most freespirited people that made history. Recently, I was scouted and became a global Playboy Model. Never in a million years would I have thought the Office cute Nerd would score an International Playboy Cover. Enough about me lets get to why Im here. Like you, I have a busy life, and I can appreciate spending my time with someone I find worthy of my time. So what do I do, of course, the extreme it makes sense to me as I find the most genuine connections Ive ever had were naked. Needless to say, if you are looking for a strong enough to be the sweet type of gal, look no further. Believe it or not, even with all this, and I am still shy the first couple of dates. Im sure if we hit it off, Ill give you 80,000 reasons to want me All to yourself.

A stolen glance at the bar, the feel of fingertips grazing my lower back, whispered intimacies exchanged between you and I, champagne bubbles effervescing on your tongueall of these are sensations I find myself anticipating before a first encounter. I live for excitement and the thrill of the new, yet treasure the familiarity that builds between two people with a shared connection. Perhaps you too long for someone with whom you can be yourself around, someone who makes you feel at ease while prompting a sense of excitement. Perhaps that person is me Originally from somewhere along the East Cost, New York City has been my home base for the past several years. Having worked as a mental health counselor prior to my life as Andi, I am easy to talk to and relaxing to be around, with a neverending thirst for knowledge, be it of the kind learned in universities or gained through lived experience. My classroom is the excitement of the city Broadway or a night at Lincoln Center Michelinstarred sanctuaries or Lower East Side cocktail haunts. My smalltown roots keep me grounded and motivate me to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, pampering my allnatural body. I prefer spending time with gentlemen looking for a genuine connection. To quote William James, We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep

Debuting soon. Add your name to my dance card by visiting my website. I learned early on, that maintaining an elegant and unassuming outward appearance was the surest way to be free to pursue my wildest fantasies undetected, and escape judgment from those who did not share my proclivities toward the hedonistic. Whilst in pursuit of said adventures, Ive stumbled into worlds that most never discover. And while I havent always known what Im looking for, Ive always seemed to know when Ive found it. Perhaps you can relate. It seems were in the same place now, searching for adventure down rabbit holes on the internet. Upcoming travel Feb 1517 Los Angeles March 1417 San Francisco March 1722 Palm Springs

Cute, funny, adorable, elegant, feminine all the things one imagines the perfect woman should be Hey Lovely! Im Liliane, for friends just Lily. Im your charming, downtoearth confidant, muse and girlfriend who just takes things at face value. I am intelligent and accomplished, and I desire the best life has to offer. I love adventures, good books, classic cars and meeting knew people. So bring me along on business trips, weekend getaways, or for just a few hours of fun and make it the the highlight of your week. No one would think twice about how we met. My style is elegant and minimalistic, and a little rockn roll. More than just a pretty face, my eloquence, social grace, and education will be in line your affluence. You will find it easy to fall madly in love with my playful, honest and affectionate personality. You can simply relax, be in the moment and enjoy our adventure For me, nothing is as important as simply having fun and experiencing lifes joys squeezing every little bit of excitement from everything. Born and raised in Germany, based now in Atlanta, at heart Im an adventuress and an international traveler who loves to see the world.

I am an Atlanta based model and would be ecstatic to meet you! I have been in all aspects of the industry for years. Recently, I took a 2 year break from the industry because of other bussiness endeavours. I have been very fortunate and had the oppurtunity building my own businesses the last two years. I am so excited to announce my return back! With being away for 2 years, I realized how much I missed the industry and how exciting and fun it is.

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