Hi, Thank you for your time and allowing you to introduce myself to you. I have had the opportunity to meet many friends over the last 5 years in Austin Texas. First, I am not a 20 year old. I am a little beyond 40. I have the advantage of bringing maturity and experience to our time together. I know what I like, and know how to provide something you will like. I love spending time to form a connection I also understand what life brings. I am the ideal confidant providing a supportive and caring ear or shoulder to lean on. Next, I am not an airbrushed picture. I am tall, nearly 6 ft, I also love wearing heels! I have great curves. Many simply comment, I am Real! I believe a sincere compliment. Corrections are much richer, deeper, and much more entertaining when with a genuine person. I hope we will have an opportunity to develop a relationship over time. However, I will be happy to join you for what ever time you seek! xoxoxo Mina

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  • Address: Northwest Austin arboretum area
  • Smoking status: I Couldn't Tell
  • Description: Mina is definitely a MILF. In my opinion a very attractive sexy face. Nice boobs even though she's going to have bolt on's at the beginning of the year.
  • Recommendation: Yes
1 month ago