Embracing the unconventional is my specialty. Allow me to breathe life into dreams collecting dust in your imagination, preferably its darkest corners. To justify connecting with me, you should be drawn toward intellectual, psychological, emotional, and embodied experiences the average person might find disconcerting. You must have a special appreciation for the unique beauty, grace, wisdom, and knowledge that only a confident, mature woman can possess. You must be excited by the prospect of letting go of social constructs, conventions, expectations, and norms in exchange for an alternate reality. You must be sincerely willing to commit to an inperson sensory adventure or one achieved through remote engagement via email, text, and/or phone.

Embracing the unconventional has been my specialty for over 20 years. Allow me to breathe life into dark dreams collecting dust in your imagination. Inperson experiences available throughout NJ with preference for southern shore points. Enticing remote engagement available through phone and Skype. See my website for more information, including protocol for contacting me if we are not already acquainted.

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