42 Mature, Inteligent, Classy, Confident, Sophisticated I am 42 yr old and confident classy gal with a very high I.Q. I am tall/athletic 59and my family heritage is Israeli/Sweedish. Professionally, I have an entepreneurial spirit with the love of building long term relationships and repore. I have a tendancy to joke or be funny with sarcasm. However, I am an active listener and enjoy hearing life stories no matter what the subject is. Usually, I am eager to find out about you and what I can learn about people in general. I learned from someone much older and wiser than me, that if you go to people you know with a question that are experts in a their field, surprisingly they will offer a great deal of accurate information. Thus, saving a TON of TIME, and usually that saves money by default. Usually, if I share common interests with people and I have free information that has helped me somehow, I usually pass it along to anyone who may be interested. I hope to gain the same from you. I believe that the universe spreads positive energy by staying positive and helping others so I selfishly live by that principal because I am possibly gaining somehow. Somewhat of a paradox ha,ha. I would love to share my knowledge and personal stories, triumphs, and failures in hopes that you may gain from it. Any knowledge you have in your expertise I would love to hear. I save time reading if I hear it from you, the expert! I thank my many years of dedication to martial arts training and Sensei Ian Hewitt of LaValles Black belt Champions for showing me blood, sweat, and tears can develop a better self. The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement he strived to teach us the new meaning of personal best. Perseverance, Courteousness, Respect, Dicipline, and Indominable Spirit are some of the important values I practice. So by my friendly uplifting personality is what you will see because thats me at the core. In the same sense I am not easily offended if you tell me my optimism is enough to make people sick. I read people very well sometimes just body language alone will guide me, so to speak, to match your comfortability in conversation. I have been shown that two basic principles of comunication and compromise will lead to healthy growing relationships in all areas it applys to friends, family, profession, spiritul, teacher/student, elders, any relationship! Life is a fun journey! I look forward to meeting you! Cheers friends! Hope to hear from you soon! xoxo Kelli Go to my website https//www.bodyrubdreamgirl.com updates to your email by clicking on stay in the loop

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