I am the nerdy funloving artist type. I been have been a fulltime artist for 8 years . Im a former exotic dancer, and had a ball and I still love dancing, particularly West Coast Swing, Contra, and LindiHop. I enjoy the feeling of being embodied, and sharing that sense with others. I am trained in Thai Massage. My journey has brought me to exploring more tantra. I attend festivals and workshops to learn more. My body has no tattoos, no piercing or surgical augmentation. I am 100 all natural. I have a curvy body and love it. I feel comfortable in my own skin. I love to feel joy through touch. We could chat about Roman philosophy over wine. Ive traveled some and love to talk about it. You have to live Spherically in many directions. Never lose your enthusiasm and things will come your way. Always looking for new adventures and adventure partners!

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